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Just over 2 weeks ago I made the prompt decision to no longer wait for the corona measures and limitation, but just pack up and leave while I still could. What was suppose to be April 15th became March 17th and in no more than a few hours I packed all I had into 3 suitcases and off I was.

A few hours after I made the decision and changed my ticket, Costa Rica announced to be closing its borders at midnight the next day. This would give me a mere 6 hours slack to arrive and clear the local customs. Since only a quarter of the plane was filled, I gladly accepted the ‘corona discount’ for a business class seat.

Upon arrival it was made clear I had to be in quarantaine for 14 days at a fixed location. As would all who’d entered the country. Since Graci returned from the US a few hours before me, the same fate was imposed on her. And here we were contained, but together.

Luckily for me I can entertain myself by actual getting some work done. Since my freelance contract was extended till somewhere after the summer I can continue my projects from my own timezone. Since running a veterinarian practice from home isn’t a real option, Graci was left with the honorable task of cleaning the house.

Here in Costa Rica the corona crisis isn’t too hectic. People keep to themselves, mainly at home, and in public there’s a 2 meter distance rule. Since Costa Rica only has 2 borders, with each of them having no more than 2 entry roads and 2 international airports it is relatively easy to monitor everybody coming in or going out.

While in the quarantine you receive a phone call from the ministry of health daily to check if you are experiencing any symptoms. You are expected to stay home and order your food through any of the delivery services.

All together we’re doing fine and I’m enjoying my first days in Costa Rica, although at home, in a breezy 26 degrees. The time is 8 hours earlier than in the Netherlands in the summer and 7 in the winter.

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