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It is now 58 days since I’ve left, which is officially the longest I’ve been away from the Netherlands! Although I’m away a lot, the trips are always short of duration. Since today is also (throwback) Thursday it is a good day to post some snapshots of the past.

The previous record of 57 days dates back to 2009, where I took my first trip to the US. Where I had my first Couchsurfing experiences and celebrated my first foreign New Years Eve.

Daytona Beach: When we were still young
Cary, Wendy & Jenny; the first of many Couchsurfing friends

The second largest (now 3rd) trip was also to North America, but in 2016 and to 4 different countries. It was when me and Roelof visited a handful of Couchsurfers we met over the years and added some local hotspots.

Like the Empire State Building

The plan for the new record was set for 71 days, but since my arriving flight was advanced and my departing flight is postponed it will stretch over the 90 day visa limit. With the current CR restrictions I’m allowed to overstay my visa period. So we’ll see how long it will last before CR allows tourists back into the country and I will take a vacation to the Netherlands!

For now I sit tight, pretty much ask myself every day: “what day is it anyway?” and wait for the next set of restrictions to be lifted. Next week the national parks and beaches reopen in CR, so we’ll start planning a weekend trip to make some new memories in my new home country.


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