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After a long week of work I finally managed to do it; I’ve became a millionaire! Unfortunately it won’t buy me a Lamborghini or a fancy beach house, but I should be able to make rent this month.

In my last story I showed you where abouts we live. Most of the area we live in is surrounded by forest. As are most areas in Costa Rica. More than 50% of the country is still covered by forests. For example, in the Netherlands this is only 11%. Living in the jungle also has its downsides…bugs! Due to fact that we are very close to the equator the sun sets here around 17.30. So around that time we have to prepare ourselves for the bugs. This scene from I Am Legend came to mind…

For Costa Rica March and April are the hottest months of the year. The month we call summer will average about 22 degrees.

What we do have to get ready for is the raining season, which will start soon. That’s why most tourists visit Costa Rica between November and April.

Corona update

Just like the Netherlands the corona restriction have been extended till the end of the month as well. Driving is still restricted and public gatherings are forbidden. The supermarkets are a disaster between leaving from work and curfew. All other public services are also suspended, which made me have to cut my own hair. It wasn’t a complete disaster.


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