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It’s been 2 months since my last blog, simply because 2 months ago the stay-at-home restrictions were partially lifted and we were able to visit the local hotspots. What we did? Well everything!

With dozens of options within reach we had to decide what to visit first. National parks, a zoo, local farm tours, mall shopping or… go the beach! Even thought the winter in the Southern Hemisphere officially starts June 21, and we’re only 1000 kilometers away from it, and the weather got noticeable colder now. So we profited from the ‘last’ sunny days before the raining season would take over.

We choose to go to the Caribbean side first, since it was a part I hadn’t been before (cause Cancun doesn’t count apparently). Due to the restrictions we were only able to attend the beach between 5 and 8 in the morning and since it was a 3 hours drive we decided to drive the night ahead and stay in a hotel.

The sandy beach of Playa Bonita in Limón
During the 6 am sunset

After getting the salty taste of the sea we decided to visit the other side of the country a weekend later for some pacific water.

Playa Blanca at the edge of the jungle in Puntarenas

Pretty much in each part of the country there’s a national park or a reserve with all sorts of colorful animals. Both wild and caged. Of which we visited a few as well.

Most of the zoo’s and parks have been closed for months and a lot of the animals were not used to seeing humans anymore. So even with the thick glass between us, it was still very impressive to have a jaguar wanting to attack you.

Out most recent visit was a waterfall garden. A cascading waterfall in the midst of 4 volcanoes no more than 1 hour away from where we live.

Corona update

Easing of the restrictions in CR has resulted in a wave of new cases to which the government decided to reapply the previous restrictions and limit the movement of people in the night. Driving is not allowed after 19.00 and wearing a mask is now mandatory in pretty much every indoor establishment. The border restriction will be lifted, so you’re welcome to come and visit after August 1st!


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