Coronavirus update

With respect to the latest developments on the coronavirus, we would like to give you an update on our guidelines.

We continue to follow the advice issued by the Dutch government, while taking the recommendations of other authorities and administrations into consideration. In general, we will continue to allow employees to travel to and from destinations, and via airports, which the Dutch government indicates are safe. Employees who do not wish to travel for work should discuss the matter with their Supervisor or P&O Consultant.  

To check the Dutch government’s latest travel advice for a particular country or region, click here

China, South Korea, Iran and Israel

Employees who intend to travel to the abovementioned countries, for either business or private reasons, must discuss their plans with their Supervisor. All work-related requests for travel to China, South Korea and Israel will be subject to special approval by Management. Based on the destination, duration of visit and other relevant details, a decision will be made on whether travel is deemed safe or not.


Travel to Italy is not allowed.
Employees currently in Italy’s so-called red zone (see above link) for either business or private reasons are advised to travel back to the Netherlands, and must contact their Supervisor or P&O Consultant before they depart. Employees must share their current whereabouts so we can arrange a medical consultation. Based on the outcome, we will decide when the individual can return to work. Employees currently in the orange zone may only travel within Italy after consultation with Management.

The Netherlands

If you have symptoms such as a fever or respiratory complaints (coughing and shortness of breath), you should consult your doctor and discuss the outcome with your Supervisor or P&O Consultant. Based on the outcome, a decision will be made on whether return to work is deemed safe or not.

If you live in Noord-Brabant and have any of the above-mentioned complaints, please follow the advice of the Dutch government and stay at home. Where applicable, work from home until further instructions.

We wish to reiterate that the most important steps you can take to prevent the spread of the virus are basic hygiene measures.

•    Wash your hands with soap regularly.

•    Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow.

•    Use paper handkerchiefs.

  • New measure: do not shake hands.

Given the speed with which the situation is changing, it is difficult to provide real-time updates, but we continue to monitor developments closely and will issue further instructions as and when needed.